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We are Trade Minim

Trade Minim is formed by a group of traders focused on wealth management solutions. At Trade Minim we believe in one vision – Verified Results and Transparency to create long term value for our clients.

At Trade Minim, our circle of traders trade with one methodology – Market Phase Hedging – a technique formed after half a decade of theory building and hypothesis validation.

This technique will set you apart from the herd and let you experience unparalleled advantage against the markets as you trade with complete clarity in mind.

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Why is it so powerful

Market Phase Hedging

Understand the logic behind Market Phase Hedging, and why is it ready to produce consistent results and weather through good or bad times year after year.

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Powerful Hedging Strategy

Scientifically designed to adapt dynamic market price movement, without linear dependent predictors or bias-ness to trade the markets.

Powered by Minim Tech

Our in-house technology crunches through huge amounts of historical and present data feeds to run through permutations of trading variables to detect market phases and resonances.


Using half a decade of theory building and back-testing, with forward validation results, Market Phase Hedging system generates gain above 60% yearly, with a total Risk Reward Ratio at 1:1.5.

Verified Results

Live results that comes from a systematic and well-defined approach. We are ready to show our commitment to produce long term value.Verified by Myfxbook